Duromine F.A.Q.

Some online pharmacies specialize on weight loss products, available without prescription. If you decided to buy Duromine online without prescription, but have never been taking this prescription weight loss product before, please consult a physician.

Weight loss capsules Duromine are sold in Australia and New Zealand. In the USA, the weight loss capsules with Phentermine (as an ion-exchange resin complex) are available under the trade name Adipex-P (Adipex medication is a generic of Duromine).

Generic Duromine is that kind of medication, which contains exactly the same amount of anorexic agent Phentermine (as anti-exchange resin complex) as Duromine capsules.

If usage of Duromine capsules provides no weight loss, or after the use of medication, containing Phentermine, some severe side effects occur, doctor may replace this drug with other prescription weight loss products. The most popular prescription medications in the USA are: Phentermine, Diethylpropion and Mazindol.

Duromine is a trade name of weight loss capsules, containing either 15mg, 30mg or 40mg of active pharmaceutical ingredient, called Phentermine.

Duromine capsules are produced by Australian pharmaceutical company – iNova. The same company is the only rightholder of Duromine trade name.

Duromine can be prescribed for the treatment of: teenage obesity (for children of 12 and more years old); adult obesity (18 to 64 years old); obesity in geriatric patients (65 yo and older).

Minimal therapeutic dose is Duromine 15mg per day. Minimal daily doses of Duromine are prescribed for the treatment of: teenage obesity, non-complicated obesity and obesity in elderly.

If patient took more than one capsule of Duromine 40mg a day, he might develop overdose symptoms (tachycardia, anxiety, confusion, nausea, vomiting). When overdose symptoms occur, one should seek professional medical help.