Duromine is a prescription drug, prescribed for treatment of obesity in patients with BMI > 27. Anti-obesity drug Duromine is available on the international pharmaceutical market since 1969.

Retail market offers oral capsules Duromine that contain different amount of active substance Phentermine.
Phentermine is a sympathomimetic amine with anorexic effect. Stimulating the CNS, Phentermine provides anorexic effect and suppresses hunger feeling. Namely because of the active ingredient Phentermine, overweight people cease to feel a painful hunger after taking Duromine capsules.
The amount of appetite suppressant Phentermine in one Duromine capsule is indicated in milligrams. Depending on the severity of obesity and related risk factors, doctor prescribe a patient Duromine capsules, containing 15mg, 30mg or 40mg of anorexic agent Phentermine.
Person, who is taking Duromine capsules, must be informed that rapid weight loss is only possible when he keeps a diet during obesity drug therapy. No less important is the fact that in order to lose weight fast, person who suffer from obesity, should increase his or hers physical activity.
Only by following a diet and staying physically active can guarantee you a clinically significant weight loss within 2-3 months of use of Duromine capsules.
Maximum recommended duration use of Duromine capsules is 3 months (regardless of the Duromine daily dose you take). Therefore, if patient did not get the desired result after 3 months of regular intake of Duromine drug, the obesity drug treatment course must be stopped.
One or two months after you took the last dose of Duromine, a second treatment course with Duromine drug is allowed. So, the appropriateness of Duromine for another treatment course of obesity must be determined by a doctor only.
Please note that people, who take maximum daily dose of Duromine regularly, can develop tolerance to this anti-obesity drug. Thus, it is possible that doctor will prescribe somealternative diet pills that do not contain Phentermine for a second treatment course, instead of Duromine capsules.